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With Kilian Bron and the support of TISSOT

EN: The objective of this project, follow Killian Bron and his thirst for adventure in Switzerland to capture the incredible beauty of the country and its reliefs. 

FR: L’objectif de ce projet, suivre Killian Bron et sa soif d’aventure en Suisse pour capturer l’incroyable beauté du pays et de ses reliefs. 


Directed by: Kilian Bron & Mathieu Ruffray 

Film: Mathieu Ruffray - Pango Visual 

Drone FPV: Cinematic Flow 

Edit: Mathieu Ruffray - Pango Visual 

Music & Sound Edit: Fakear - Out Of Reach; Tristan Barton - Life Force

Photo demi-finaliste pour la Sélection Redbull Illume 2021

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